Boris Becker Delta Core Melbourne

The Boris Becker Melbourne is for the advanced player looking for a lot of control. The Delta Core technology in this racquet gives it a very solid and stable feel. The racquet is solid and precise when your up at the net. The mass of the racquet makes it easy to put away volleys and overheads. The racquet is solid, stable and comfortable. The integrated Delta Core technology offers a denser weave in the carbon material for greater frame strength, torsional stability, boom-boom-ing shots and a rock solid feel not found in other racquets. The 18x20 stringing pattern makes it predestined for top spin players. Play like champion, with a champion’s racquet. Ideally suited for players with aggressive, long strokes. Recommended for the 5.0-7.0 NTRP level players. Delta Core: The use of Deltacore opens up new opportunities for racquet construction: the enhanced tube structure withstands the forces that come into play in all three dimensions, thereby ensuring that the frame remains stable in the player's hand with each stroke. The result is less expenditure of energy and more power. In addition to the increased stability - which even exceeds the values for DNX - the new high-tech material stands out above all on account of its enhanced shock absorption.

Price: 159.00

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