Head Graphene XT Speed Rev Pro A (16x19) Tennis Racquet

The Graphene XT Speed Rev Pro (16x19) is the lightest of the XT racquets.  It has the highest swingweight which provides great maneuverability around the court along with precision and power on every shot. HEAD has incorporated the ASP (adaptive string pattern technology) which allows players to choice between the 16x16 string pattern for more spin or the 16x19 string pattern for more control. This particular Graphene XT Speed Rev Pro is the 16x19 string pattern. Ideally suited for players with moderate to full strokes.  Recommended for the 3.5+ NTRP level players. Graphenext technology is the next stage of the revolutionary graphene technology. Thanks to the improved stronger material structure of Graphene XT, Head has now made its racquets up to 20% lighter compared to the conventional racquet with equivalent swing weight. This technology re-enginnered the application of the world's strongest and lightest material to make the Graphene XT racquets 30% stronger providing an optimized weight distribution for a faster swing and more power.

Price: 199.95

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