Volkl Organix V1 Pro Tennis Racquet

Like it's brother the V1 Classic, the Organix V1 Pro has a great combination of manueverability, stability and comfort.  What makes the V1 Pro different from the V1 Classic is a slight increase in weight and control.  This is a great option for an intermeditate to advanced player looking for a control oriented racquet with great playability and comfort, which the V1 family is so well known for. Experience performance and comfort at its finest. Ideally suited for players with medium, powerful strokes.  Recommended for the 4.0-5.0 NTRP level players. Organix: High tech carbon nano tubes surrounded by cellulose fibers to give your racquet a springboard effect.  Organix will be loaded up with Kinetic energy during ball impact and will release it back immediately again.  Due to extraordinary vibration absorbing properties, Organix gives your game 30% more dynamic power and handling. DNX Material: Due to the use of DNX, the frame remains stable in the player's hand on every stroke.  There is minimal distortion in the key areas of the racquet frame.  This results in less energy loss and hence into more power!  DNX is positioned on the sides of the racquet head and provides increased torsional resistance for improved ball control, especially on off-centre shots. Sensor Handle System: A new dimension in shock and vibration dampening thanks to a perfect blend of high-tech materials. Two-part racquet shaft and TechnoGel® provide ideal shock dampening. The EVA, which surrounds the shaft, offers optimal vibration dampening.  

Price: 189.99

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