Wilson Blade 98 16x19 Tennis Racquet

One of the best selling performance tennis racquets in the world, the Blade 98 is one of the best options available for serious competitors who place a premium on feel and control for every position on the court.  Its mid-plus head, mid level weight and maneuverable balance point yields a highly productive result. The Wilson Blade 98 is the updated version of the Blade 98 BLX with the improved feel and frame feedback offered by the addition of basalt fiber (BLX) technology. The Blade 98 continues the traditional feel in the same vein as the Six One 95 BLX, but in a lighter, more maneuverable package. A 20.6mm flat beam and 98 square inch headsize provide solid feel and control for intermediate to advanced players with a faster swing. A versatile performer from all points on the court.  The 16 x 19 string pattern offers excellent spin potential for those looking to hit topspin and slice. Ideally suited for players with aggressive, long strokes. Recommended for the 4.5+ NTRP level players. BLX Technology: stands for basalt, X stands for 9 extraordinary, proprietary technologies. BLX for the Perfect Feel. Basalt: Basalt is a natural volcanic rock. It can be used in manufacturing where it is made into fine gold fibers with incredible vibration resistance. Wilson's new technology, BLX, has used these basalt fibers and woven them longitudinally with [K]arophite Black to create one of the most advanced composites in the industry. With basalt, a smoother signal reaches the hand. BLX technology delivers clean feedback and better sensation for the Perfect Feel. Double Holes: Bigger holes allowing 26 degrees of string movement for a bigger sweetspot. Amplifeel: Amplifeel handle technology is fine-tuned to each racquet to provide a lean, enhanced feel due to basalt inserts, customized foam, and a softer buttcap.

Price: 149.00

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