Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 (110)

This racquet is pre-strung at 60 pounds with Wilson Sensation 16g! (A $30 value) One of the most popular selling Hyper Carbon models. The 5.3 is great for an intermediate to semi-advanced player that is looking for a quality racquet at a great price. The oversized head allows for more power and a bigger sweetspot. Ideally suited for players with moderate to semi-full strokes. Recommended for the 3.0-4.5 NTRP level players. HYPER CARBON TECHNOLOGY: Hyper Carbon is the lightest, stiffest, and strongest material ever used in tennis racquets. Compared to Titanium, Hyper Carbon is 4 times stiffer, 65% lighter, and 4 times stronger. 2 layers of Hyper Carbon and 5 layers of Graphite are used in the application of Hyper Carbon. Hyper Carbon is used in the Horizontal Axis cross section, increasing stiffness which creates more power. It is also used in the Vertical Axis cross section, increasing torsion stability which creates more control. HAMMER TECHNOLOGY: Weight is reduced in the shaft and handle. With today‘s getting lighter and lighter, maintaining mass (weight) in the head becomes more important than ever. With Hammer Technology, weight is maintained throughout the head of the racquet, resulting in increased stability and more power. This also results in a higher and larger sweet spot.

Price: 89.00

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