Babolat Pure Drive Roddick Plus Tennis Racquet (Used)

Rating: 6 out of 10! This racquet has scratches on the bumperguard and the side of the racquet. It is strung with Synthetic Gut 16g at mid range. The latest update to the slightly heavier and more player-oriented Babolat Pure Drive Roddick, the Pure Drive Roddick GT (Graphite Tungsten) adds a hybrid of braided carbon fibers and tungsten filaments throughout the entire racquet. Tungsten strengthens the frame to reduce torque for greater precision (Babolat claims 26% more precision compared to the previous Pure Drive Rackets). Babolat continues to utilize the Cortex vibration filter at the top of the handle. The Babolat Pure Drive Roddick GT technical features have been developed to enable Andy Roddick to hit his best shots. Designed around the actual weight of Andy Roddick's racquet, the Pure Drive Roddick GT swings with noticeably more heft, offers a little more power and a good solid feel. The additional weight and stiffness of this racquet compared to the regular Pure Drive GT makes it better suited to the heavy hitting found at the highest levels of play. The additional 1/2" to the length, giving you the stability, playability, and control of the Pure Drive Roddick but with added maneuverability, spin, and reach to your game. Ideally suited for players with moderate to full strokes. Recommended for the 4.5+ NTRP level players. GT Technology: Graphite Tungsten Technology is a hybrid material containing braided carbon fibers and tungsten filaments throughout the entire racquet. This customized performance booster improves racquet performance based on the concentration of Tungsten fibers at various strategic parts of the frame. The main benefit is increased power and versatility. A value added aspect of GT technology is that the added concentration of Tungsten in the head of the racquet strengthens the frame (up to 26% more than the previous Pure Drive) to reduce torque and increase precision. Woofer Technology: Woofer is the first dynamic technology which makes the frame and the strings interact when striking the ball. Woofer delivers 10% more power than conventional racquets, and ensures that the strings retain their energy longer. It enlarges the sweetspot area for every racquet size. This technology enables 25% more contact between the ball and the strings for optimal control, feel and increased spin. Cortex System: The Cortex System is a revolutionary active technology between the throat and handle of the racquet. With this new technology, the two parts of the racquet are linked by an interface in CDS (Cortex Dampening System) material. This technology allows the filtering of the different vibratory modes. It eliminates unnecessary vibrations and enhances the feel of the ball. "Enjoy the pure feel." Elliptic Geometry: Optimal design to guarantee the best torsion resistance: +20% stiffer compared to a traditional beam. Better maneuverability with more power.

Price: 195.00

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