Donnay Pro One 97" 18 x 20 Tennis Racquet

Buy 2 or more for $188 each! Outstanding choice for aggressive flat hitters and control-oriented advanced serve 'n' vollyers. Chronic string-breakers will love the closed string pattern. Donnay’s trademarked arm safe performance retains all the touch and feel that high-level players demand but in a much easier-on-the-arm manner, thanks to our dual-core construction.  This narrow beam racquet offers the most control, so if you are able to provide the power, the placement of your shots will improve.  The solid core means you can feel the ball when it hits your strings, giving it a realistic and more "old school" feel sought by players with a more aggressive game. Ideally suited for players with full strokes. Recommended for the 4.0+ NTRP level players. Donnay's Dual Core Technology: Features the high tensile strength XenaCore material, which fortifies the frame and eliminates the loss of energy on contact.  Since more energy is retained on the strings, it provides an additional boost of power, comfort, control, and stability, while maintaining X-series' ease of swing, the result of thin-beam engineering and design.  Other advantages of the technology include a larger sweet spot, and no shock to your arm on contact.

Price: 188.00

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