Head Liquidmetal Radical Midplus Tennis Racquet (Used)

Rating: 9 out of 10! This racquet has been used only once. It has no scratches on the racquet but the plastic is off the grip and there is ball fuzz on the string. It is strung with Dunlop Synthetic Gut 16g at mid range. This racquet is pre-strung at 57 pounds with HEAD Synthetic Gut 16g! (A $20 value)  In the Liquidmetal line, this is a player’s racquet. All court playability with slightly more control than the oversized version of the LiquidMetal Radical. The Total Sweetspot Construction adds more stability and a complete sweetspot. The NoShox technology in the handle of the racquet reduces vibrations by 27% without dampening the feel. Ideally suited for players with aggressive, long strokes. Recommended for the 5.0-7.0 NTRP level players. Liquidmetal Technology: Liquidmetal material is applied to four strategic areas of the racquet’s head and it is the only material that utilizes all the energy your swing generates. No energy is lost on ball impact due to its liquid atomic structure. Total Sweetspot Construction: Total Sweetspot Construction extends the sweetspot throughout the entire racquet head resulting in ultimate control. Now every shot feels like you’ve hit the sweetspot. PLEASE NOTE: This racquet does not come with a racquet cover.

Price: 79.95

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