Prince Tour 98 ESP Tennis Racquet

The Prince Tour 98 ESP provides excellent control with a great blend of spin and the maneuverability needed for that all-court player. Ideal for players that excel at  both from the baseline and the net plus benefiting from the new ESP technology.  The ESP "Extreme String Pattern" technology that is designed to deliver up to 30% more spin resulting in heavier shots and higher net clearance for added consistency.  The Double Bridge vibration, the world’s first and only technology to not only dampen vibration in both the frame but also the strings.  Provides additional comfort as well as being arm friendly. The Prince Tour 98 ESP has a Prince Power Level of 825, straight 21mm beam, 16x16 string pattern and a 98 square inch headsize, offers great spin on your shots without being super powerful.

Price: 199.00

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