Tecnifibre T Fight 295 MP '13

The TFight 295 MP is ideal for the intermediate player that can produce most of their own power but still seek the control necessary to control the point from anywhere on the court.  The midplus 100 square inch head coupled with the nearly 11 ounce frame weight provides amazing control for the aggressive hitter.  The 16 x 20 string pattern provides optimal spin potential for those that hit with topspin or slice, and the head light frame makes it easy to maneuver, and effective for ending points at the net with a simple punch.  This stable frame coupled with the new Tecnifibre technology features ample dampening and comfort as well. This racquet is ideally suited for players with moderate to long, aggressive strokes.  Recommended for the 3.5+ NTRP level player. Synergy Link: The exclusive grommet construction offers up to 18% more dampening for more comfort.  Also offers great dissipation of vibrations for more comfort. Speedflex Technology: A revolutionary design of the shaft which provides 10% more rigidity compared to an elliptic section, without sacrificing neither control nor comfort. Pu Power Pads System: soaks up impacts and other vibrations to offer additional comfort.

Price: 169.00

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