Wilson Burn FST 99 Tennis Racquet

Do you have the need for SPEED? The sport of tennis has never been faster so Wilson has engineered the next revolution in speed. The Burn FST (Fast Speed Technology) design is fast through the air and enables baseliners to increase their racket head speed to play a more aggressive game.  Ideal for: Baseliners looking to burn through the competition. This racket has aggressive power and offering a bit more control then the 99s with an added strung weight of 11.5 oz.  Features: FST (Fast Speed Technology): Octagon frame geometry and a headlight balance allows the racket to move fast through the air for fast racket head speed at any angle of attack. X2 Ergo: A customizable handle shape creates optimal personalized feel for the "modern" two-handed backhand.  High Performance Carbon Fiber: Developed for aggressive swings, this premium modulus carbon graphite provides increased frame stiffness for explosive power. Smart Tennis Sensor Ready: Attach the sensor to gather data about your shots and strokes, and then analyze and visualize your play in real time. Plus, share data and videos of your play..

Price: 219.00

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