Wilson Pro Team FX BLX (103) Tennis Racquet

Taking the Pro family of racquets to a wider audience, the Pro Team BLX offers up a more accessible weight and headsize. Now the powerful Pro family feel is available to younger players and those who prefer a lighter weight and more forgiving sweet spot. BLX technology offers up maximum feel and response for the aspiring big hitter. Features: BASALT: Basalt is a natural volcanic rock. It can be used in manufacturing where it is made into fine gold fibers with incredible vibration resistance. Wilson's new technology, BLX, has used these Basalt fibers and woven them longitudinally with [K]arophite Black to create one of the most advanced composites in the industry. With basalt, a smoother signal reaches the hand. BLX technology delivers clean feedback and better sensation for the perfect feel. DOUBLE HOLE: These are bigger holes that allow for 26% string movement and create a bigger sweetspot.  FX Quad Shaft: FX =[K] Factors Multiplied. Utilizing a "Quad Shaft" construction in the throat area of the racquet providing a racquet with 23% more "Torsional" stability and more evenly distributed mass.

Price: 129.00

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