Yonex EZONE DR 98 Lite Tennis Racquet

The new generation of EZONE, for the next generation. Yonex’s 2015 EZONE line has arrived! Control the court with EZONE DR. Breaking the mould with the world’s first tennis racquet to feature premium grade NANOMETRIC DR carbon graphite, the EZONE DR gives players increased flex and repulsion plus a larger sweet spot for dynamic power. The EZONE DR 98 Lite weighs in at 10.1 oz making it easier to maneuver around the court. ISOMETRIC HEAD DESIGN: The YONEX ISOMETRIC head shape allows to increase the number of main and cross strings that meet in the centre of the racquet to produce a sweet spot which gives a 7% more effective hitting area for you to make match winning shots. DUAL SHUT SYSTEM: Improves comfort and control with every stroke. Shockless Grommets at the bottom of the frame reduces impact vibration and Quake Shut Gel, which is embedded inside the grip, removes even the most subtle discomfort from the frame. A 50% reduction in vibration compared to conventional models. O.P.S: (Oval Pressed Shaft) manufacturing technology builds the ideal amount of shaft flex at impact into the racquet, extending dwell time for enhanced ball spin and directional control.

Price: 199.00

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