Babolat Drive Z Lite Tennis Racquet (Pink)

The Babolat Drive Z Lite Tennis Racquet is geared toward the beginner to intermediate player possessing a shorter to moderate swing, looking for a slightly lighter and more maneuverable feel versus the regular Pure Drive. Still has the feel of a "players" racquet with a solid, stable, comfortable feel, but with a broader appeal.  Nice and light, and easy to swing, this racquet is a little bit head heavy making it optimal for baseliners that don't have a lot of power on their own. Ideal for beginner to intermediate players with moderate strokes. Recommended for the 3.0+ NTRP level players. The Cortex System: The Cortex System is a revolutionary active technology between the throat and handle of the racquet. With this new technology, the two parts of the racquet are linked by an interface in CDS (Cortex Dampening System) material. This technology allows the filtering of the different vibratory modes. It eliminates unnecessary vibrations and enhances the feel of the ball. "Enjoy the pure feel." Woofer Technology: The first and most efficient system which makes the frame and strings interact when striking the ball: 25% longer ball/string contact. Better control, more comfort. Smart Grip: An innovative ergonomic grip, with optimized contact between the grip and the hand that allows: a natural racquet handling, more power through an improved hold and more control though a more secure hold. Elliptic Geometry: Optimal design to guarantee the best torsion resistance: +20% stiffer compared to a traditional beam. Better maneuverability with more power.

Price: 169.00

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