Prince EXO3 Rebel 98 Tennis Racquet (Used)

Rating: 8 out of 10! This racquet has no scratches on the racquet but it does have a chip at the top of the frame.  There is no structural damage to the racquet.  It is strung with a Prince Beast XP 16g at mid range. Power Level: 775 With great all-around specs in a control-oriented racquet, the Rebel 98 is the “tweener” racquet, re-defined. The Rebel 98 is the perfect match for players with longer faster strokes who are looking for that classic feel, combined with the precision and control of the Rebel series. With the Rebel 98 in your arsenal you can swing out and shape your shots with confidence. A very spin-friendly player's racquet that offers easy access to pace, this one is a great option for the intermediate through advanced player. With a flexible frame, it adds plenty of feel and control, even when the player takes a very aggressive cut at the ball. Ideally suited for players with aggressive, long strokes. Recommended for the 4.5+ NTRP level players. EXO³: EXO³ technology transfers up to 26% more energy back into the ball at the moment of impact, resulting in more spin, pinpoint accuracy and extraordinary comfort and feel. Energy Channel™: Enhancing the dynamic effects of the Energy Bridge™, is the patented Energy Channel™, a sculpted groove within the frame that provides added stability, boosts ball control and increases spin by up to 25%. Energy Bridge: The Energy Bridge is the revolutionary idea behind EXO3. It is an exo-skeletal structure that suspends the string bed from the frame, increasing virtual head size for up to an 83% larger sweet spot. In addition, frame vibration is reduced by up to 50%. You can fine tune your racquet with custom inserts: Option #1: Ports allow for a softer hitting feel, string dampening and a larger sweet spot. Option #2: Holes allow for firmer hitting feel, string feedback and traditional sweet spot. Tennis Rackets Head Tennis Racquets - Microgel Crossbow and Youtek Technology The incredible line of Head racket series comes in a variety of sizes, technology, and style to give every club player the best tennis racquet for them. There is the leading Microgel Extreme Pro, Head Microgel Extreme Team racquets. Then there's the See the Head Youtek Radical os, Head Youtek Radical MP, and the Head Youtek Radical pro. line of rackets perfect for the player wanting it all in one racket. finally, the Head Crossbow racket series delivers the power every club player hopes for. The Crossbow racquet technology incorporated into the Head Airflow 3 Crossbow, Head Airflow 7 Crossbow, Head Crossbow 2, Head Crossbow 6, and Head Crossbow 8 rackets can give you a definite advantage out on the tennis courts. b

Price: 189.00

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