Babolat French Open Aeropro Drive Junior GT

This frame is an update to the Rafael Nadal Junior racquet, offering sleek new cosmetics with a Roland Garros themed color pattern of Black, White, and Clay. All of the technology and performance of the Aeropro Drive GT but in a lighter, more maneuverable racquet adapted to young, competition players. This junior racquet is ideal for a 10-12 year old that has been playing tennis for quite a while and is looking to continue his/her development. The Aeropro Jr. GT is a ½ inch shorter than an adult racquet. This racquet comes pre-strung. Woofer Technology: Woofer is the first dynamic technology which makes the frame and the strings interact when striking the ball. Woofer delivers 10% more power than conventional racquets, and ensures that the strings retain their energy longer. It enlarges the sweetspot area for every racquet size. This technology enables 25% more contact between the ball and the strings for optimal control, feel and increased spin. Aero Modular Technology New Frame concept with high modulus graphite, varying beam profiles at 3 strategic locations offering power and control, while increasing head speed, compared to traditional racquets. GT Technology: Graphite Tungsten Technology is a hybrid material containing braided carbon fibers and tungsten filaments throughout the entire racquet. This customized performance booster improves racquet performance based on the concentration of Tungsten fibers at various strategic parts of the frame. The main benefit is increased power and versatility. A value added aspect of GT technology is that the added concentration of Tungsten in the head of the racquet strengthens the frame (up to 26% more than the previous Pure Drive) to reduce torque and increase precision.

Price: 104.00

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