Dunlop Aerogel 800 Tennis Racquet

A 100% Hotmelt™ graphite racquet combining Aerogel™, M-Fil™, Vibrocore™ and Aerobridge™ technology. The Aerogel™ 8Hundred is designed for game improvers and allows extra power to be generated without compromising control. The new Aerobridge technology works to enhance the touch and feel of the racquet on the main strings whilst Vibrocore™ in the shaft of the racquet give superb protection from frame vibration. Aerogel Technology: The world's lightest solid and has a strength of up to 4,000 its own weight. The three-dimensional nanometer-sized molecular network delivers an unmatched strength to weight ratio for enhanced stiffness and increased power. Combined with M-Fil (multi-filament) technology across the hitting zone to 'soften' ball impact, Aerogel frames deliver the perfect balance between power and control. M-Fil Technology: A technology that incorporates a unique patented 3D braiding process. Carbon, S-fibre and magnesium are combined into the hitting zone of the racquet head to enhance the touch and feel of the racquet where and when you need it most - at the moment of ball contact. Vibracore Technology: Dramatically reduces frame vibrations. At ball impact, shock waves are absorbed into the shaft of the racquet into the silicone rubber core and are therefore not allowed to travel down to the handle. This significantly reduces the risk of tennis elbow and provides exceptional comfort. Aerobridge™: Dunlop's Aerobridge™ system is an injection molded polymer sleeve that enclosed the throat of the racquet and incorporates a specially engineered mix of braided carbon fibers combined with Aerogel™ technology. This polymer helps soften the frame in the area of the main strings that make up the sweetspot of the racquet. This material coupled with the braided carbon fiber helps dampen string vibration delivering unsurpassed touch and feel.

Price: 89.99

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