Prince O3 Hybrid Spectrum OS Tennis Racquet

The Prince o3 Hybrid Spectrum OS offers easy access to power and maneuverability for players of all styles, using the old Spectrum frame but with updated technology. o3 technology, which takes advantage of the ports at the top and bottom of the head allows the main strings a greater degree of movement. The result is a larger sweet spot and more power from the back of the court. Weighing around 10 ounces strung, the o3 Hybrid Spectrum has an even balance to provide a good amount of stability for players with moderate swing speeds while remaining quick at the net for the doubles specialist and all-court player. Our testers enjoyed the depth they could achieve with this frame using a shorter stroke and felt the movement of the main strings increased not only power, but spin as well. Ideally for players with low to moderate power.  Recommended for the 3.0+ NTRP level players. O³ Technology: Prince has once again revolutionized the art of racquet design with the launch of the O³, a breakthrough in racquet engineering that allows you to hit your best shots more often. By replacing the traditional pin-sized string holes with giant Speedports that provide total string freedom of movement the sweetspot size is increased up to 59%, which means you hit your best shots more often. What's truly impressive is that Prince did it all without enlarging the racquet head, increasing its length, or adding weight. So it's easy to maneuver and quicker through the air.

Price: 89.99

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