Prince Silver LS 118 Tennis Racquet

The Prince Silver LS 118 brings alot of the comfort and feel of the Premier 115 but with less technology it is less expensive.  This racquet offers a generous sweet spot, awesome power and a dampened, comfortable feel at impact. It features Prince's O3 technology, an innovative racquet design that replaces pinhole grommets with large O-Ports for more string movement. The result is an aerodynamic frame that offers faster racquet head speed and a very responsive string bed. The light weight offers easy handling and the open string pattern allows for more spin. Although it features a head-heavy balance for more punch on shots, it really is a very maneuverable frame and will perform well for all-court players. This frame is best suited for beginners and intermediates with slow to moderate swing styles. Recommended for levels 1.0+ O3 Technology: -O-Ports provide total string freedom -Increases sweetspot size by 54% -Generates a livelier response across the entire stringbed -Dramatically improves play for all player levels -O-Ports reduce drag, producing faster swing speeds -Increases power from anywhere on the court -Provides maximum maneuverability

Price: 139.00

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