Prince Textreme Warrior 100L Tennis Racquet

The Prince Textreme Warrior 100L is the lightest of the Warrior 100 line. This 2pt Head Heavy frame provides extra power for flat hitters with short strokes. This racquet The added Textreme technology gives the frame more stability, added control without losing any power. This is done by reinforcing the frame along the throat to prevent the frame from twisting at the contact point. This racquet is ideal for players looking for some extra power, spin and mobility without sacrificing control and placement. With a Prince Power Level of 1100 and a 100 square inch head, the Prince Warrior offers a more control oriented racquet then the Textreme Warrior 107. Overall, the Warrior 100L is sure to be one of the best all-around racquets for a beginner to intermediate who still is looking to develop a full stroke.

Price: 169.00

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