Yonex VCORE Tour F 97 Tennis Racquet (290g)

The Yonex V Core Tour F97  is the ultimate player racquet for the player seeking optimum control and the ability to punish their opponent from anywhere on the court. The frame construction at the top of the racquet reflects the standard Yonex design used for decades, with the square head allowing for more forgiveness as well as a larger string bed, ensuring more hits on the sweet spot. This racquet weighs in at 290 grams strung.  This racquet updates the previous VCore Tour 97 by adding Aero Fin Technology, a unique frame construction that equips fins at the frame head increasing serve speed by 6%. The new open 16 x 21 string pattern offers great spin potential as well without losing the power from the baseline you need . If you're looking for something that is going to give you incredible control in a forgiving frame, then this may be the racquet for you. Suited for players with full strokes. Recommended for the 4.5+ NTRP level players. Isometric Head Shape: Yonex has been using the squared design at the top of the racquet, increasing the sweet spot by more than 7%. Mishits are much more forgiving at the top of the frame, and creates the opportunity for extra headsize without sacrificing maneuverability. V-Core: This technology adds Microcore in the tops and sides of the frame, creating a high density compound that increases stability and power. 3D Vector Shaft: Increases rigidity in the throat for unmatched precision. Aero Fin Technology: The racquet comes with all new fins located at the top of frame giving the racquet more swing speed. Crush serves like never before with an increase of 6% power due to this technology.

Price: 199.00

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