Prince White LS 100 Tennis Racquet

Power level: 1000 The Prince White LS 100 Tennis Racquet falls right in between the Red LS 105 and the Tour 16x18. This racquet is ideal for players looking for some extra power and mobility without sacrificing control and placement. With a classic midplus head size of 100 sq in, the White LS 100 offers an excellent combination of a generous sweet spot and lightweight maneuverability. Players who are looking for a standard length (27 in. long) racquet, will find this racquet has quick maneuverability provided by the O-Ports, which act as tiny wind tunnels to allow air to pass through the frame for quick acceleration. Ideal for players with moderate, powerful strokes. Recommended for the 3.0-4.5 NTRP level players. O3 Technology: -O-Ports provide total string freedom -Increases sweetspot size by 54% -Generates a livelier response across the entire stringbed -Dramatically improves play for all player levels -O-Ports reduce drag, producing faster swing speeds -Increases power from anywhere on the court -Provides maximum maneuverability

Price: 119.00

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