Volkl Tour 10 Gen. II Midplus (Used)

Rating: 8 out of 10! This racquet has a few scratches on the bumperguard and side of the racquet. The grip is brand new. It is unstrung. Volkl is proud to embrace the many accolades given over the past years to the legendary C10 Pro - realizing that an improvement was not only possible, but also needed for today's game. With this in mind, as well as respecting those players who believed that the C10 Pro was their personal "Holy-Grail", Volkl is proud to introduce the next "Legend" to the tennis world - Tour 10 Gen II Mid Plus. The biggest difference between the Tour 10 Gen II Mid Plus and the Tour 10 V-Engine Mid Plus can be found in the throat area. The Tour 10 Gen II Mid Plus remains traditional looking in this region. By doing so, the "soft" / "flexible" / "feel" remains for those players longing for that special feel of yesterday's racquets but having today's technology enhancements for greater performance. Let there be no confusion! The Tour 10 Gen II Mid Plus is a serious racquet designed only for the serious player who demands the ultimate in today's technology combined with the traditional feel of yesterday. Ideally suited for players with aggressive, long strokes. Recommended for the 5.0-7.0 NTRP level players. Dynamic PCP: Power Control Pattern: The dense string pattern in the racquet's sweetspot ensures that power is controllable. Balls hit outside the sweetspot maintain optimal power and comfort thanks to the more open string bed. Sensor Tour Handle System: Includes a two part racquet shaft and TechnoGel surrounded by EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate). This is visible technology you can actually see through the butt cap of the racquet. Designed to dampen vibration without sacrificing touch.

Price: 149.00

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