Prince Tour Pro 100 ESP Tennis Racquet

The Prince Tour Pro 100 ESP is a player-oriented frame that offers the distinctive Tour feeling but with an additional 33% more spin with ESP and a more direct response from the Pro construction. With a 100 sq. in. headsize, this racquet is a great option for all intermediate to advanced players looking for precision control and great power.. Weighing in at 11.5 ounces (strung) and a wide open 16x16 extra grippy  string pattern, the Tour Pro 100 can generate a great amount of top spin.  This particular Prince racquet does not have the EXO3 ports (which will make some Prince fans very happy).  This allows for a more connected feel with the ball off the stringbed. With a Prince Power Level of 875 and lean 21mm/ 22mm/ 21mm beam, the Tour Pro 100 offers a very forgiving, yet control oriented option in the Prince Tour line. Ideally suited for players with moderate to full strokes.  Recommended for the 4.0+ NTRP level players.

Price: 179.00

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