Tecnifibre T Rebound 295 Pro '15

The TRebound 295 Pro '15 is an excellent option for the intermediate to advanced player looking for power, with a light weight frame to create better racquet head speed. The 100 square inch midplus frame offers an ample sweetspot, and the slightly head light balance keeps the racquet maneuverable.  The 16 x 20 string pattern is great for those looking to hit topspin or slice, and this racquet is especially good for those deep hitters that like to pin their opponent against the fence. This racquet is ideally suited for players with moderate to long strokes.  Recommended for the 3.5+ NTRP level player. Synergy Link: The exclusive grommet construction offers up to 18% more dampening for more comfort.  Also offers great dissipation of vibrations for more comfort. Pu Power Pads System: soaks up impacts and other vibrations to offer additional comfort.   Please Note: This racquet comes prestrung with X-One BiPhase 16g at Mid Range ($25 Value!)

Price: 169.00

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