Volkl Power Bridge V1 Midplus Tennis Racquet

The cult and best selling racquet by Völkl Tennis, the V1, has been given another technology upgrade: first came the tuning, featuring the high-tech DNX, a material developed by the renowned Fraunhofer TEG, a leading German institute of technology. This has now been joined by integration of the unique POWERBRIDGE innovation. This new technology lends the racket additional dynamic force and stability from the yoke of the racquet itself. What Volkl has not changed is the characteristic V1 feeling – which is nothing short of legendary! The proven BIG GROMMET technology provides more acceleration by amplifying the ‘swing’ of the strings. Its intelligent blend makes the POWERBRIDGE V1 THE perfect comfort and performance racquet – extremely easy on the arm, thanks to its variable beam, and with incredible stability at the parts of the racket that matter most. Ideally suited for players with medium, powerful strokes. Recommended for the 3.0-4.5 NTRP level players. Power Bridge Technology: The secret of Power Bridge lies in two components. The first is the tried-and-tested DNX technology, which is now being used in the bridge of the racquet head for the first time. Second, the designers at Völkl Tennis have succeeded in reducing the cross-section of the bridge without losing stability. The quantity of expansion resin which functions as the binding agent to bond the yoke to the rest of the frame to form a unit remains completely unchanged here. The only difference is the higher compaction of the matrix. In conjunction with the power features of DNX this compression produces an enormously solid composite material which optimizes the heart of the racquet, thereby investing the entire racquet with more power. Sensor Handle System: A new dimension in shock and vibration dampening thanks to a perfect blend of high-tech materials. Two-part racquet shaft and TechnoGel® provide ideal shock dampening. The EVA, which surrounds the shaft, offers optimal vibration dampening.   DNX Technology: A revolutionary material innovation the cornerstone for a new ground-breaking racquet series. Carefully placed between the carbon fibers in strategically important areas of each tennis racquet, the DNX fibers add a totally new dimension in the production of tennis racquets. The DNX allows the Volkl racquet to be stronger but remain extremely comfortable, controllable without giving up any power! Also with DNX, racquets with more flexible features can remain just as soft but deliver a completely new level of stability and unprecedented power.

Price: 169.00

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